Thursday, February 27, 2014

my mobile office!

Last week I took my mobile office on the road and finally managed to snap some pictures of it in action! I'm very lucky to be currently making my living selling my artwork online. It's the reason I'm able to take trips -- and it's also the reason I need a mobile office. I can't afford to put my business on hold while I'm on vacation, so I simply bring it with me!

My little workspace is fully functional -- I have all of the supplies that I need to make, pack and ship all of my products. I have a mobile printer so I can print art prints and shipping labels at my hotel or a rest stop and then I put it all together in the trunk.

The main components are two white organizational cubes from Michaels, which house my envelopes, note cards, business cards and stamps. I added polka dots and spray painted the handles green because, well, I just can't leave anything alone. The floral board sitting on top of them is used to cover the front of the shelves while we're driving (held in place by a bungee cord!)

The heart garland is simply for decoration and only goes up when I'm parked and working.. just to make me feel more at home (at work?)

On my first test run I realized it was pretty easy to make a mess of the carpet in the trunk and not so easy to clean it up on the go. So I cut out foam board to fit in my trunk and then covered it with faux wood laminate flooring. It's SO easy to clean and it has the added benefit of actually looking more like a desk ;)

A lot of my ideas end up falling totally flat, but this one worked and I'm so glad it did! I mean, the only thing better than laying on the beach is working on the beach.. right? ;)