Monday, December 9, 2013

pink and mint christmas

I love how everyone has their own specific color scheme for the holidays -- my mom always goes for the traditional red and green, my grandmom goes with silver and gold, and I prefer pink and mint (or basically any pastel colored decorations) myself.

On Saturday me and my brother went over to our Grandmom's house to help decorate her (mostly silver and gold) tree, and we had so much fun! Kyle stupidly got his hand stuck in the metal crate that the tree was resting on, which resulted in plenty of laughs and a healthy stash of future-blackmail photos. I wore this festive (at least to me) outfit with my new favorite cardigan. This was one of the ones I mentioned in my last outfit post, when I went to Old Navy for pajamas and left with cardigans, tights and some shirts (oops!) But this mint color was just too perfect to pass up. In general I don't find too many things at Old Navy that suit my style but boy am I a sucker for their cardigans. They just have THE best colors, don't they? They also had one in a beautiful peachy orange that I might just have to go back for..

cardigan - old navy | skirt - h&m | hat - handmade gift from casey
shoes - c/o bait footwear | brooch - vintage | tights - h&m