Wednesday, December 29, 2010

newfangled contraption

I really didn't expect to stop blogging once Christmas rolled around, but it just happened! I've been terribly sleepy, napping like mad, and doing my fair share of eating as well (one new years resolution will definitely be to shed extra holiday pounds!)

I hope everyone had a marvelous holiday, though! Mine was pretty spectacular, actually. We got up a little late for once (when my brother was little we'd have to wake up at 6am to open presents, but now that we're both tired lazy bums we waited until 9am) and despite the fact that we were all warning each other that the presents wouldn't be good, money was tight and this would be a pretty disappointing Christmas, we actually had a lot of fun & I got some really neat stuff! One of my favorite gifts was this retro tv case for your ipod from Urban Outfitters.

The review on UO complains "it's a box. a cardboard box." well, um, yes, that's why it's only $4. But it's incredibly awesome, and way more fun than any fancy plastic/leather/wooden thing you could use instead. You slide a little compartment out, place your ipod or iphone inside, and slide it back in place. And if you have earbuds (the large jack for my good headphones wouldn't fit) you can even fit your cord in through the side and listen on your headphones. It REALLY is like watching a little retro tv!

I made a little video of it in action if you want to look -- in retrospect I should have copied something like The Donna Reed Show or Leave it to Beaver onto my ipod in advance (which would have looked really neat in my example, right?!) but the only video I had on there was my Dirk Bogarde tribute, so you make do ;-)