Friday, May 12, 2017

lace and bows

Remember this time last week when I said I might want to dye my hair pink again? lol! I feel so much like me again. The color didn't totally take on the back of my head for some reason, but you know what? I can't see the back of my head so who cares! ;D

How cute does this dress look with the giant bow?? The bow is actually a new DIY project that I finished this week. I get SO obsessed with vintage dresses that have large bows on the front, so I thought it was about time I figured out how to do that to my own dresses, rather than sorrowfully lust after all the XXS 60's ones I find on etsy.

The bow is detachable so I can stick it on any of my dresses. (Here's an old outfit post showing what the dress looks like without the bow.) I honestly want to make one in every color now. I did a DIY post about it on my website here!