I think this is my first outfit post in three months, yikes. It really felt like it, too, I must have taken 75 pictures and I wasn't really happy with any of them. I'm still getting used to the pixie cut and color (I'm seriously thinking about going pink again. I've been googling "pink pixie" and photoshopping photos of my head almost every day) and I gained a little weight again so this all felt very "UGHHHH!" The whole reason I had started taking outfit pictures back in 2010 was to try to boost my self confidence, though, so hopefully it will do the trick again.

Anyway. I have a cute story that goes with the brooch I'm wearing in this outfit:

I designed these brooches, and my shipment came in the mail while my Grandmom was at our house having coffee a couple weeks ago. Daisies are her favorite flower, so as soon as I opened the package I excitedly offered her one. Not only has she been wearing it to work at Rite Aid EVERY SINGLE DAY since, but she actually sold two of them to her customers! That's more than I've sold myself online, lol. I should have my Grandmom be my official publicist! ;D

dress - asos | cardigan - h&m | brooch - my shop | shoes - bait footwear