Sunday, May 29, 2016

30 for 30 remix pieces

These are the 30 pieces I picked out for my 30 for 30 challenge (inspired by the posts Kendi Everyday used to do here) After I finished picking everything out it actually seemed like an awful lot of clothes! So now I'm thinking it'll be a lot easier than I anticipated, but I might eat those words after 30 days are up, lol...

I stuck with a kind of basic (for me at least) color scheme of red, purple, mint, ocher, navy, and black-and-white so that everything should be able to be remixed kind of easily. I think the main part of this challenge that is actually *CHALLENGING* for me is to actually take photos of all of the outfits and post them every day. Considering I've been blogging maybe a few times a month at the most lately, that's a bit of an undertaking.

But now that I've picked out my 30 items I'm beginning to get some ideas and I'm looking forward to assembling my outfits! Part of me wants to just jump right in and start today instead of waiting until June 1st, haha!