Friday, April 5, 2013

friday favorites

I love this Jurassic Park poster from Jeff Langevin on etsy.

This is a super cool and incredibly easy DIY to make a classy dinosaur knick-knack!

This neon dinosaur planter from crazy couture on etsy is so awesome!  

Are you beginning to sense a theme here? ;)

This DIY toothbrush holder for kids is fantastic. Hopefully I'm not the only one who saw this and thought "um, for kids? what about for me?" ;)

Dinosaur track cookies! Yum!! Recipe here.

A Jurassic Park tank top from forever 21! I'd probably size down and wear it tucked into a skirt with a cardigan... of course.

Mental Floss has a really neat article about developments in what we know about dinosaurs since Jurassic Park came out. I think it's interesting that the producers of the next JP movie coming out next year are choosing to go with series continuity over scientific fact. In my opinion, adding feathers to some of the dinosaurs would be in keeping with Dr. Grant's theories, so updating the dinosaurs would actually be more faithful to the original film.

This is such a cool art print! Right now the only dinosaur they have is the Stegosaurus.. I hope the artist eventually does a whole series, I think it would make for a really neat art display.

A T-Rex pen. You write with his tail!!

Going to see Jurassic Park at the movies just wouldn't be complete without some dinosaur accessories right? I'm planning on wearing this T-Rex fossil necklace from sweet and lovely :)

Pin the tiny arms on the t-rex! I've had this in my ideas notebook for the longest time but finally whipped it up this week, seeing as how it was so time appropriate ;)

If you search for dinosaurs on google like 90% of the top results tend to be for kids. Which is totally okay, I just wanted something to pore over that didn't have a cartoon dinosaur helping me to decide what facts to excavate next. This mini-site on the BBC has tons of information, artwork and links to even more information and artwork. If you have some time take a peek, if not it's definitely worth bookmarking to look at later!

And this is just ridiculously cute.