Thursday, June 3, 2010

potato salad

Today I had the best potato salad ever. I combined two recipes -- one that I've been using for years from my friend, and one that I just saw in a vegan cookbook last week. It was so incredibly simple, and turned out so delicious!!

You just boil a bunch of potatoes until they're soft, but not mooshy (you can see this is a very technical recipe..) then drain, and let them cool. Peel, and chop into chunks. Combine with some olive oil, water and vinegar (add the vinegar little by little to taste, if you're not really into the tangy flavor) and THEN to top it all off, chop up a bunch of flat-leaf parsley, and I mean a bunch--not just a sprinkle-- and combine it with the other ingredients.

The large amounts of fresh parsley (really has to be fresh, not dried!!) give the potato salad a summery, super fresh flavor. I felt like having some lemonade and going swimming after I'd eaten it :)