Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Help for the night owl who likes tv

I live with my parents and my brother, all of whom turn in around 11pm. But I have an entirely different schedule, and prefer to go to bed around 6am. (My favorite perk of being my own boss!)

While I enjoy this schedule a lot, having my television on while everyone else in the house is asleep definitely causes its share of problems. If I have the volume too low, I can't hear it (no, I'm not deaf.. my tv is just on the other side of the room from where I sit, OK?!) but if it's too high I'm always waking somebody up.

My first thought was to get Listen Up, the amplification device they sell on late night infomercials, but I'm not an old man with a nagging sleepy wife, so I didn't think it suited me that well.

THEN I found a headphone extension cord on Amazon for $3 and it literally changed my life. It's 50 feet long, so I traced it along the perimeter of my room to behind my bed where I can plug it into my headphones whenever I want to watch tv.

The perks are many. The cord is so long that I was able to conceal it (a shorter one would have been suspended in the middle of my room, probably becoming a jumping hazard for my cat when she attempted to get on the bed), I won't feel like a 78 year old man when I need to listen to the tv at night and I get to wear my favorite headphones instead of a hearing aid incognito.

I don't know why that guy in the blue pajamas didn't think of this; he'd look so much cooler wearing my bright green headphones.