Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The hat of my dreams... no, literally.

I think it's already pretty well established now that I'm a bit of a nut, so I'm just going to go ahead and share this with you because I need advice.

Last night, I had a really in-depth dream about shopping at Old Navy. Well, the name of the shop was Old Navy but the clothes inside were all really, really awesome. I mean, I love Old Navy but my dream version of the store puts the multi-colored cardigans and flip flops to shame.

I took a bunch of things into the dressing room with me, including a really gorgeous white dress that I can't actually picture anymore, and a white hat that very much resembled the one Audrey wore in How to Steal a Million. The hat totally made my dream complete. I think I woke up smiling, because I had met this hat in my dream and completely fallen in love.

Then, of course, I realized it was just a dream. The hat was not in my closet, and I didn't even bother to check the Old Navy website.

But -- (I have no life) -- I spent all day thinking about this hat.

So, tonight whilst enjoying one of my favorite methods of procrastination - window shopping on etsy - I found it. Seriously. I found the hat. It's a vintage hat from the 1960's, and it is THE HAT.

Trouble is, I was only window shopping (I'm on a spending freeze. GAH.) and the hat is fifty dollars. BUT IT IS THE HAT OF MY DREAMS.

So, do I buy it? Or do I keep dreaming about it... my dreams slowly turning into nightmares; my frugality of today haunting me tomorrow and for years and years to come....