Friday, February 9, 2018

great balls of fire

I have too many Valentine's Day themed outfits to limit it to February 14th alone, guys. I've literally been wearing nothing but pink and red for the last few days and I can't stop.

Now that I'm feeling better and I have blood work that scientifically backs up that feeling, I'm just a giant ball of energy! I'm sure the novelty of having energy again, getting dressed, putting on makeup, eating normal food, it will all start to wear off and feel like normal daily life again soon but right now I just feel so invigorated doing mundane stuff. You have no idea how much I've enjoyed taking outfit photos this week! I've also been on an organization/decoration spree. I gave part of my studio a facelift (you can see a bit of it in the photos but I'll post a proper tour soon!) and invested in a ton of storage containers that function better than the hodgepodge of buckets and baskets I had been using previously. It feels good to freshen up my space a bit now that I'm feeling like a brand new me! :)

Oh! Also! I'll do a full post on this soon but I just wanted to mention that I'm selling t-shirts in my shop now! I had tried my hand at this several years ago and wasn't that happy with the designs or the shirt style I selected but I am in love with these. I have 11 designs available so far, right here.

dress - amazon | cardigan - forever 21 | shoes - aldo