Wednesday, November 29, 2017

earth and stars

For my birthday a couple weeks ago I had wanted to spend the day at the natural history museum in NYC, but a couple days beforehand I saw that NJ Transit was going to be doing track work that would add an extra 60 minutes onto the trip each way. I just didn't want to spend that much time on a train on my birthday, so at the last minute I decided to do a lazy day at home with a brief outing to see Casablanca at the movies (it was re-released for the 75th anniversary!) and a stop at my favorite pizza place for lunch. This was the outfit I had picked out when I thought I'd still be going to the Hayden planetarium. It would have been so perfect for my first visit there!

C'est la vie though, right? I ended up wearing joggers and a sweater instead since it was a pretty relaxed day. Hopefully I can still make the trip to the museum sometime next year (and you bet I'll be wearing this outfit when I do, lol!) I even had the dress tailored before my birthday since it was WAY too long on me. I used to try to hem things myself but everything always ended up being uneven or too long in the front/too short in the back, etc. It's only $16 to have things hemmed at the tailor I go to (it's the alteration shop at Quakerbridge Mall) which seems like a worthwhile expense to turn something unwearable into something I can use constantly :)

shoes - asos | wig - keke wigs