Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Yesterday my New Year's Eve dress came in the mail just in the knick of time! (talk about perfect/very last minute timing!) This is a vintage beauty from the 1970's, totally bedecked in sparkles, with dolman sleeves and a gorgeous light blue chiffon sash. It's like Elsa from Frozen meets Marlene Dietrich in Vegas. I love it. It is, however, totally unzipped in the back. I told you guys, I ate WAY too many Christmas cookies last month. I ended up having to wear something else when I went out to dinner last night but I wanted to take photos in it anyway :p

You might notice that my room looks very different now. Something unsettling was brought to my attention last month, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to bring it up here but, hey, I'm typing this so I guess I'm bringing it up! Someone on IG copied my exact room for their own outfit backdrop... and it kind of REALLY weirded me out. They bought the same rug as me, had the same bookcase layout, they posed in the same spot. If you were scrolling through your feed you could easily think it was my photo. I'm sure it was meant to be totally harmless and tbh I imagine I should be flattered, but it struck me as creepy and I felt very uncomfortable being in my own room once I saw her identical one. So I switched things up. I'd been meaning to rearrange and make my studio area a little more functional, anyway, so this was just the impetus I needed to get the ball rolling, I suppose!

I moved most of my books into the "bedroom" area of my living space, which makes more sense, and I'm using this unit mostly for work and crafty storage. I decided to make everything as pink as possible (think pink!) and I'm so happy with how it turned out! I've always loved all-pink decor (like Jayne Mansfield's home) I think it has the potential to be really elegant and kitschy at the same time (does that even make sense?)

I guess I'll have to do a whole new room tour soon! Although, I suppose now I need to add a little disclaimer, "please don't recreate my exact bedroom" haha ;)

Happy New Year!!

dress - vintage | shoes - amazon