Thursday, June 9, 2016


Week one of my 30 for 30 remix is wrapped up and if anything I feel like the real challenge is coming up with something to say every day. I can't believe I used to do this every day for YEARS. Seven days later and I'm already drawing a complete blank.

To be honest I haven't been feeling so hot this week (as soon as I make my post office run this afternoon I'm hitting the couch and watching comfort-food movies, for sure) and that usually does a number on my cognition. Somehow stomachaches seriously impair my ability to string words together or even form coherent thoughts before they exit my mouth/fingers. I guess that's how it is for everybody (except my mom, who somehow powers through sickness like Wonder Woman, making me wonder how she birthed such an inferior weakling.) So hopefully as soon as whatever's kicking around in my stomach finally settles down this whole post-writing thing might come a little easier.

Oh, also, totally unrelated to anything I just wrote, but whenever I post outfit pictures on instagram basically every comment is about my purple rug (I honestly feel like I could start an account entirely for my rug and it would get more followers than me) so I started linking to it in my outfit details thingamajig below.

dress - modcloth | shirt - forever 21