Tuesday, August 25, 2015

orange you glad to see me

When I said I didn't want to stick to a blogging schedule anymore, I really didn't mean one post a month, haha! Sorry about that. I had a lot of friends visiting from out of town this month and that left very little time for outfit posts. Or sleeping.

So, once again, I'm returning with different hair and glasses. I've been having huge pangs of pink withdrawl for months and I finally bit the bullet and bleached the heck out of my hair last week. It's kind of peachy-orange right now but hopefully pink is just around the corner. I also chopped off a decent amount of hair, since I was falling back on top knots every single day and it's not my best look. I always think "when my hair is long I'll do all these cool updos!" and then once it gets long I'm just super lazy with it and hate brushing it.

I've been having issues with my appearance for about a year now, it definitely was a factor in deciding to quit blogging last year. I feel like I'm starting to come out of it a bit now, but for months I've been really dissatisfied with my reflection. It's not necessarily anything in particular, just a general feeling that when I look in the mirror I'm not seeing "me." Recently a lot of that has been tied to the dark hair, it's my natural color but I have never been happy with it. I started dying it at 16 and about every three years I give it a whirl again, but I inevitably go back to light hair. Even though this color isn't what I'm aiming for in the long run, I already feel so much better than I did with brown hair.

Ugh, so much emotional vomit. Anyway.

On a lighter note, have you seen The Man From U.N.C.L.E. yet? It's a spy movie set in the 1960's and I'm ridiculously obsessed. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely run out to your nearest movie theater right this instant. It has so much fantastic 60's style (I anticipate all of my future purchases being heavily influenced by this movie), a really fun, suspenseful plot and the two stars are so good looking, it's unreal. I may have fallen a little (who am I kidding, a LOT) in love with Armie Hammer in this film. Just go see it, I promise you won't be disappointed! :)

shirt - forever 21 | skirt - topshop | shoes - asos (similar)
glasses - eyebuy direct | belt - forever 21