Tuesday, April 1, 2014

apartment tour part 2!

First up -- the exterior! yay! I'm really lucky that my landlord is pretty laid-back in allowing tenants to make a lot of drastic changes. They let me paint the spires on the castle as well as the trees (!!) pink! Also I attached some pretty pastel banners to the castle as well. It was so easy, I'll have a DIY post on it soon :)

In my dining room I have a variety of faux sweets and fruits on display all the time. And my dining room wouldn't be MY dining room without scallops, of course! I got the scalloped cake stand from Target, the napkin from the dollar store (if you can believe it!) and the bowl was a gift from my mom.

You can see the scalloped cake stand a little better in this picture. Also, not really apartment related, but I've decided to start letting cute little pastel woodland creatures live in my hair. I think it adds a really cute touch to my hairdos! :)

My landlord was totally ok with most of my changes but wasn't too happy with my idea to put a tree and a tree swing in my living room. I eventually sold them on the idea though and I LOVE IT. Arrietty likes to sit on the branch next to me while I swing and watch The Office on my tv across the room. And an added bonus -- the tree attracts cute pastel woodland creatures, perfect for the hairdos I just mentioned! :D

One of my favorite things in my apartment is definitely my vanity. I got it at the thrift store and painted it purple, then added clay squirrels around the edges (another DIY post! coming soon!) Hubble keeps thinking they're real squirrels (why he's more interested in these than the *actual* squirrels in my hair, I have no idea) and keeps trying to attack the mirror. It's so cute!