Monday, November 22, 2010


dress - my closet (no idea about it's original origin!)
cardigan - old navy
tights - k-mart

Thanks to the etsy finds email on Saturday, which featured a print set from my flapper doodle shop, I was completely swamped with orders this weekend! :D It was my most successful weekend since I opened my shop in May 2009, with more orders than my tiny brain can even comprehend!! I am tickled pink about it! It also accounts for why my room is so awfully messy... I'm not exactly the most organized person (although the pictures I've posted of my clean room might suggest otherwise) especially when it comes to packing orders. I'm a total mess!! I have so much paper to cut down, labels to peel off and envelopes to seal that my room just turns into a certified disaster area!

Anyway, since I really have to buckle down & work today like I haven't worked any day before, I decided to get dressed and treat it like a real job. It's not exactly my most flattering outfit, and makes me look a bit dumpy, but it's the most comfortable dress I own and it's actually a lot cuter in person.

So.. lunch break in 20 minutes, and then it's non-stop shipping until my work is finished! Thanks to everyone who sent me messages to let me know I was in the e-mail, and to everyone who ordered this weekend! It was seriously like a little entrepreneurial fairy tale :)