Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's mine, all mine!

I gushed about this coat a while back on Spiffy, and now thanks to a 4-hour-long 40% off sale* on Fred Flare last week, it's mine! They were out of my normal size but I just went ahead and ordered a size smaller since it would be 40% off. Luckily, it fits like a glove! Tight around the hips, but then that's true for almost everything I own anyway.

The fur collar is detachable so that I can just wear it like a normal trench when I want to -- but when I snap the collar in place it's glamour to the 4th degree! If you know me, you know that my dream-job is a spy, and nothing makes me feel more like I'm living the dream then wearing this coat straight out of a late 60's spy flick. Just throw in a lipstick container that doubles as a pistol and I'm set! ;-)

*I also purchased the uni-corn on the cob holders and heart-shaped sunglasses, but those are Christmas presents from my mom that I don't get to touch until December 25th :)