Wednesday, August 4, 2010

zucchini and tomato tart

The meals I cook are almost all really simple and require very few ingredients... this is due in part to the fact that we usually don't have much food in the house, and also because I'm a really picky eater and will only cook with a limited number of foods. In this recipe, there are only five ingredients, but I think it's one of the most flavorful dishes I make.

I adapted this from a recipe I got when I was on Weight Watchers in 2007. The original recipe called for ricotta cheese, yellow squash and pepper but I went a much simpler route.

Just slice up a couple zucchini and spread them in a single layer on greased cookie sheets. Give them a quick spray of olive oil and cook for 20 minutes at 350'. While they're in the oven thaw out a pie crust (I use Oronoque Orchards) and slice up a couple of tomatoes into thin slices. Spread them in an even layer on a greased cookie sheet and spray some olive oil. When the zucchini is finished, turn up the temperature to 375' and insert the pie crust and tomatoes. Cook for 10-15 minutes. Fill the pie crust with the zucchini and tomato, sprinkle some rosemary and salt on top and cook for another 5-10 minutes. If your crust is already looking golden, you might want to cover the edges with tin foil to keep them from burning. And that's it!

This recipe was one of my weaknesses when I was on weight watchers. You were supposed to have 1/8 of a pie as your serving size, and I liked the recipe so much that I used to make a pie for my family and a pie for myself! Obviously the whole "losing weight" thing didn't really work with the way I followed the plan! ;-D