Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lazy bones

Happy Halloween! My plans for the day are just errands and computer work, so I decided to forgo the costume route this year and just wear one of my spooky dresses. I miss the preparation that goes into planning a costume, but it was a little bit of a relief to just not worry about it this year. I have been SO busy trying to get everything in my shop ready for the holidays that squeezing in making a costume probably would have been more stressful than fun, I think.

I still need to do a little post about my Paris trip! One of my favorite parts of the trip this year was the Paris catacombs, and although I didn't wear this while I was down there (which would have been epic and I'm a little bummed I didn't think of it beforehand!) I can't help but be reminded of the catacombs now when I wear this dress. I have mixed feelings about that experience. I loved the actual catacombs part and was very moved, but the corridors leading up to the catacombs unleashed in me a level of claustrophobia that I have never felt in my life. I was panicking so much that I was sweating, and it's really cold down there. I think it was worth it though. I'll write about it more when I do a full post about Paris! :)

dress - modcloth | shirt - asos | shoes - amazon