Tuesday, June 14, 2016

fun stuff

Hi again! I'm feeling a lot better today (knock on wood!) I went to the doctor yesterday and she thinks my system is just out of balance due to stress and not eating too great lately (sooo much Snapple.) so I just have to eat bland foods and take probiotics for a while to get things back on track. She did, however, find something weird going on with my heart while I was in for the stomach issue so now I have to have an ultrasound and wear a heart monitor as soon as my insurance gives the go-ahead. FUN STUFF!

So obviously this whole 30-for-30 thing is not happening entirely during the month of June now, lol. I still want to complete it, though, so I'm just going to carry it on through July. And I don't really think it's cheating if I chose sweatpants and pajamas the last four days instead of sticking with my allotted 30 piece wardrobe, haha!

And because I totally, definitely, 100% learned my lesson about what happens when you eat a lot of crap... as soon as I feel back to normal I'm celebrating with pizza ;)

cardigan - I don't remember, it's old