Sunday, January 24, 2016

the truth is out there

Today is the day!!! I still can't believe that I'm going to be watching a NEW episode of The X-Files tonight. I don't even know if I'll believe it after it's happened -- it just seems unreal! I started out reading everything I could get my hands on when the reboot was first announced, but for the last few months I've done a 180' and started avoiding all of the articles and publicity instead. I just want to have a totally fresh approach tonight and go into it without any preconceived expectations. It's kind of like Fox and the cast & crew have been lenient parents who are totally ok with peeking in the closet before Christmas if you really want to, but I'd rather be completely surprised on Christmas morning.

If you're wondering why I went with a bug-print dress, it's partially because I don't own an X-Files or alien dress (YET) and partially because it's an ode to the season 3 episode, "The War of Coprophages" in which a town is attacked by killer cockroaches.

In 2013 I did another X-Files outfit post to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the pilot, and I wrote a bit about my favorite episodes and my recommendations for where to start if you aren't already a fan. If you're interested you can take a peek right here.

dress - modcloth | sweater - trashy diva | shoes - gift from casey