Wednesday, January 20, 2016

the sundance kid

I never seem to notice how badly my roots need touching-up until I see photos of my head. Oops! I've been using pink conditioner for the last few months and that's been stretching out the time between dying for so long that I kind of forgot I even needed to bleach my roots once in a while.

I went out to the movies today and realized while I was getting dressed that I actually hadn't gotten dressed in a week. AHH! A whole week. I mean, I changed pajamas each day but... yeah. I need to get out more. And get dressed more. I was mostly happy with my outfit today but I felt so rusty putting it together. Meanwhile I'm become too well-versed in figuring out which sweatshirt works best with which flannel bottoms. I MAY NEED HELP.

So, which movie did I go to see, you ask? TCM is releasing (I think) one classic movie each month in theaters, and this month it's Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I think the last showing is at 7PM tonight so if you don't have plans yet, see if a local theater is playing it! I went to AMC and I think Regal plays the TCM films, too. It's such a good movie (one of the only westerns that I'm really fond of), Robert Redford and Paul Newman are just so perfect together (and so perfect to look at) and it's one of those films that really is enhanced by seeing it on a big screen.