Thursday, May 22, 2014

my favorite

I think this might be my favorite outfit so far this year. I love the color combination so much! I actually forgot I had this cardigan until I was moving all of my clothes back home this week. I got it at h&m a few years ago, and it's just the prettiest pinkish-coral. Also I can't get over how fantastic my cabinets look now that they're blue :D They used to stick out like a sore thumb in outfit pictures (or at least they did to me, since that bright red was such a pain in my neck!)

Now that I have pink hair again I'm facing that annoying catch-22 where my roots seem to be growing at enormous speeds & constantly need touch-ups, but the length of my hair doesn't seem to be getting any longer. I know technically it is, but it's moving at such a snail's pace. I can't even tell you how impatient I am to finally throw my hair up in milkmaid braids again. Or a sock bun! Oh, how I long for a nice sock bun.

dress- c/o modcloth | shoes - bait footwear | cardigan - h&m | belt - f21