Monday, May 26, 2014

DIY shiny wall covering

I had every intention of posting this on Saturday but my body thought it would be more fun to get food poisoning instead. It definitely wasn't fun. I'm better now but it probably wasn't my favorite holiday weekend to date, lol.

Anyway! On to the DIY! My new bedroom was missing a key component that most bedrooms have -- four walls. One of the walls in my room is a half-wall with an opening into our front entryway. It's blocked off and concealed with a set of bookshelves from the front, but on my end I just see the back of the shelves, a kind of ugly that paint doesn't sufficiently hide. I have a white curtain hanging behind them but it still looks pretty makeshift. So I came up with this quick, easy (and most importantly, cheap!) project to hide the weird wall and make my closet oh-so-glam in the process! :D

All you need are door curtains from the party supply store and command strips. How many you need of each depends on the wall you're covering, but for me it was five curtains and 20 strips (four per curtain.) The total project came in under $40 and the most effort involved was just moving my clothes out of the way while I worked and then moving them back again!

All you have to do is attach the command strips to the top of the curtain and adhere them to the top of the wall. In my case, since I was trying to hide a half-wall, I attached them to the ceiling since there is no wall in the area where the bookcases are standing. You can't even tell that it isn't one complete wall now!

This next step is really only necessary if you have cats since the shiny door curtains just SCREAM "come play with me" to felines. After you attach the curtains to the ceiling, cut off the excess so that it isn't dangling to the floor. So just make sure the ends are safely out of reach. And make sure there aren't any stray pieces laying around after you've chopped off the hem.

It's definitely a bold (possibly a little bit gaudy?) statement wall but I kind of love it! It started out as a cheap solution to an ugly problem but turned into one of my favorite projects in my new room! :)