Thursday, February 6, 2014

it's not easy being green and yellow

Thank you for the sweet comments yesterday.. my mood is significantly brighter today :) I think a lot of it is the weather, it's just so dreary and disgusting here anymore. Even when it snows the prettiness only lasts for a few hours before cars and plows turn the sparkling white into greysih brown slush that hangs around on the curbs and sideways for weeks on end. I'm going to California in April so I'm basically living off of the idea that in 2 months time I'll be surrounded by palm trees lol

My brother got me a gift card to forever 21 for Christmas and I finally traded it in last week for this pretty green pinafore. Of course forever 21 thinks its a dress that doesn't need a shirt underneath (exhibit A) but since this isn't the red carpet and I'm not flat-chested I say -- pinafore ;)

dress - forever 21 | blouse - forever 21 | shoes - asos | tights - target