Friday, February 7, 2014

2013 revisited

Like I mentioned last month, I keep a good things jar each year. Whenever something good happens, I jot it down on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. On New Year's Eve, I open the jar and read about all the delightful things that happened in my life that year. Its one of my favorite traditions!

Of course once the year is over you're left with a big pile of slips of paper -- what do you do with them? I like to put mine in a scrapbook along with photos that correspond with my 'good things.'

This year I decided to use Project Life supplies to make the task a little easier, and I loved it! I got a tiny scrapbook and used 6" x 8" page protectors. I bought two different packs -- one is broken up into one 4" x 6" photo and two 3" x 4" photos, and the others are a collage of four 3" x 4" photos. This way all I had to do was order 4" x 6" prints at my local photo processing center and I was good to go!

Horizontal 4" x 6" pictures can be cut in half and then placed in two separate 3" x 4" pockets -- I love how they look when they're placed next to each other, like the photo in the top left (my mom thought I meticulously cropped the pictures in photoshop and I almost wanted to let her believe that I put that much work into it, lol!)

Big events from last year -- like adopting Arrietty, my road trip, and the Office wrap party -- got full page spreads (The Office actually got two, one devoted entirely to Steve Carell lol) and then smaller events just got one pocket each.

After I was finished I still had a little bundle of slips left over that didn't have accompanying photos (like etsy sales milestones) so I taped my extra papers to some purple scrapbooking paper and put them at the end of my book.

I actually love how this album came out so much that I'm going to re-do my 2012 album to match (my mom suggested I combine them into a 2012-2013 volume since I have more than enough room in this binder) I've heard a lot of bloggers recommend Project Life for people who are short on time and I was skeptical but honestly this took me like one hour, tops. So I'm convinced :) And now I have a pretty collection of all the wonderful things that happened to me in 2013!

ps. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, I took the top photo in my old bedroom! Me and the cats have been staying over at home this week while we're getting pummeled with horrible winter storms.