it started all over again

It took me the longest time to figure out when the light in my bedroom was optimal for taking pictures.. usually about 1-3pm in the summer and 12-1pm in the winter. The windows in my new apartment face a different direction and seem to get the best light earlier in the morning, but I haven't gotten accustomed to that yet. I still took pictures in the late afternoon and then had to deal with lots of photoshop lightening, graininess and just plain bad quality when I edited it later. Live and learn I suppose! I'll just have to switch my schedule around a bit to get better photos next time.

I'm *this* close to actually moving in soon. This week I'm finally having my wi-fi activated and installing my dining room light fixture. All that's left now is moving all of my stuff. I brought most of my books and a few knick knacks to make the place look more Kate-ish but there is LOADS left to bring. And I'm having a hard time deciding what to take over because in the mean time it's making my current room look so barren! It'll just be nice when I'm all moved in and can start sharing room tours and such. I did a bunch of little projects already that I am DYING to post here! :)

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