Thursday, October 24, 2013

in limbo

Still not totally moved out yet, obviously lol :) Actually I'm keeping my current room pretty much unchanged so this background will still probably pop up in outfit posts every so often even after I've moved. I'm taking a lot of the artwork but the desk & curtains are staying put, and I'll likely replace everything on the walls with something else so it'll still be a home away from home :)

Yesterday me and my dad went to Ikea for the day and I got pretty much everything I needed to finish setting up my apartment. Now I just need to assemble it all and then move my current furniture over. To my second story apartment. Up a flight of stairs. @_@ I've already taken over most of my (heavy!) books and I can say for certain it's the only time in my entire life that I've regretted being a book lover.

In non-moving related news, my parents just got me hooked on Fringe. Is anyone else a fan? I'm only about 8 episodes in so far but I love it! My dad kept telling me that it was the closest thing to The X-Files that he's ever seen, and while I'm not quite smitten enough to compare it to my favorite show of all time, I do think it's pretty darn fantastic. It's on Netflix if you're looking for something to binge-watch ;)

dress- modcloth | sweater - old navy | tights - target | shoes - bait footwear