Friday, May 18, 2012

confetti salad

dress - modcloth
shirt - vintage
belt - forever 21
shoes - h&m

Yesterday for Kyle's birthday we stopped at our favorite roadside food stand for burgers (I brought a Morningstar fake meat burger with me) and ice cream. We've eaten there hundreds of times, but for some reason yesterday the food was just SO good. One of those times where while you're eating you're fully aware of how amazing your meal tastes and you're almost on the verge of tears because you know it's going to be over soon.

We also brought along some of my mom's confetti salad from home. It's this amazing rice dish with peppers, carrots and onions chopped up into rice-grain-sized pieces then tossed in Italian dressing. She spends hours cutting up the veggies (I was like "just use a food processor!!" but she won't) and it literally looks like confetti by the time she's finished. I should see if I can get her to do a real recipe for me to post here later! :)