Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Fair update!

I just added over 20 new items to The Book Fair, including this new print set (I also have "I love books" prints available separately.) If you're curious, the boy is going to be the face of a new just-for-boys Book Fair kit that's coming soon to the shop! :) Basically it will be the same as the existing kit except it'll have a boy on the button & case, and the fruity pencil and rainbow eraser will be replaced with something a little less feminine... and there won't be any Sweet Valley High books included, haha!

I had mentioned in the Book Fair listing that I'd include some goodies if you were ordering it as a birthday present, but I decided to just make the birthday kit have a listing all to itself. It's the same price as the regular kit, but it includes a baby sitters club style birthday card on the front, a birthday pencil and a birthday cake shaped eraser inside. It's available here.

I also added over 20 new books! And I actually have about 100 more that I need to photograph and list soon! Phew! Here are some of my favorites from today's new batch: