Friday, March 30, 2012

a simple little updo for short hair

Ever since I chopped off most of my hair on a whim, I've been having a hard time coming up with fun and easy ways to style it. I've never really liked wearing it down, but I don't really like wearing it in a ponytail either, so having a stockpile of updos is necessary for me. Recently I tried my favorite standby, milkmaid braids, but I could barely get 1" of braid before it was just too short to keep going.

Enter: this pink braid headband I got from ASOS. The color was a little too light and the material too shiny at first so I just used my pink hair dye on it. I painted it on with a paintbrush and then just let it air dry, and now it matches my hair color perfectly! To get this style, I just pinned the braid in place on top of my hair (you want all of your hair under the headband) and then tucked my hair around it. Then I secured everything with bobby pins.

I originally saw the hair-tucked-in-a-headband trick in this video tutorial for curling your hair. (Watch it to see how exactly the tucking part works.. it's so easy but it's hard to describe, and of course I didn't think to take pictures myself until I had already finished.) I think it would look cute with any headband, but I love how it looks with the faux braid! And if you have normal colored hair it's probably easier to pull this off... I think I've seen brown and blonde faux hair headbands at Rite Aid, even!

I ended up letting some of my shorter hairs just do whatever they wanted for a more messy casual look, but I think it would be really easy to make this tight and sleek with hairspray and an army of bobby pins ;)