Happy Valentine's Day!

dress - modcloth
bodysuit - boohoo
shoes - c/o blowfish

My original plans for Valentine's Day included staying in bed watching Bette Davis movies (All This and Heaven Too, Now Voyager & Dark Victory are some of the most romantic movies of all time!) but instead I'm picking up Hubble and spending the day helping him get adjusted to his new home! We were supposed to pick him up yesterday, but he hurt his paw trying to get out of his cage at the vet's, so they had to keep him an extra day. The poor little guy!! It's so weird that this happened, though, because we adopted Chloe on Valentine's Day too! And we got Hypatia on my brother's birthday, so now we have a crew of special occasion kitties! :)

One more thing I'm doing today -- kicking off Unicorns and Old Lace with Amber! We've had this joint blog project in the works for almost a year now and I'm so excited that we finally got the ball rolling. It's going to be outfit posts, lots of girly-ness and oodles of fun! You can check out our matching Valentine's Day outfits here!