Saturday, July 3, 2010


I got these super neat stickers at Michaels yesterday. They're scratch-n-sniff in the strangest scents... I got pickles, pizza, popcorn and suntan lotion and coffee for my mom (she's an addict.) The pickles smell like a deli, the pizza smells like pizza with lots of oregano on it, and the popcorn smells like Jelly belly popcorn, not actually popcorn (but that's ok with me because that's my favorite JB flavor!) The suntan lotion is ... just blech.

But seriously, the pizza stickers. They smell SO good.

But they're kind of dangerous. I kept smelling them all afternoon and by dinner time I just couldn't take it anymore, and had to call out for the real thing.

ps. Speaking of Michaels, why oh WHY is Paula Deen selling a line of ugly paper goods there now? Not like Michaels was really that cool to begin with, but this totally ruins it. Speaking of which, why can't I live in a town with a real art supply store, instead of these chains that cater to stay-at-home scrap-booking soccer moms? :-\