Sunday, July 18, 2010

life with cats

Today we had to put the cats away in my bedroom for a few hours while my great aunt was visiting (she's scared of cats) so when I went upstairs to let them out, this is what I found. (Obviously I did not have a camera handy)

I spent about a half hour Chloe-proofing my room prior to locking them in (I don't have to worry about Hypatia, but Chloe is an ornery little thing!) but no matter what I do, she always manages to get into SOMETHING. Somehow she literally tugged the string from my thread rack, pulled it across the room and sat there eating it. This afternoon was spent laughing at how hilarious this sight was when I first walked in and saw her, and heaving sighs of relief that I found her before she had eaten the whole spool!

ps. Don't worry, when we pulled the string out of her mouth, the little bit she had swallowed came with it. A tad gross, but I thought the postscript was necessary :)