Thursday, April 29, 2021

red tights again

Here's my next installment in my project to recreate outfits I wore exactly ten years ago! This ensemble is inspired by this outfit that I posted on April 29, 2011. *Technically* I actually wore the outfit on April 28th and then posted it the next day, so I'm doing the same thing this time around too! :)

Looking back at my old archives, I've noticed that red tights were practically a neutral in my wardrobe back then lol! I wore them so often! I don't know if it's because they were popular at the time or because I was going through a huge Anna Karina phase or both, but I really love it. They're just so fun! I've been seeing so many articles popping up lately about how dated 2010's fashions are now, from skinny jeans to a-line skirts to those tall Jeffrey Campbell boots everyone (well, not me, but almost everyone) was wearing ten years ago. And I really don't care. I truly love every dress in my wardrobe. I love dressing in bright fun colors even if the prevailing trends skew towards beige. I love t-strap flats and polka dots and short cropped cardigans with impractical 3/4 sleeves. I also love a lot of the fashions from my teenage years that are coming back now, like camisole/cardigan sets with little bow ties in the front, tie dye, and bell bottoms. I think the best thing about modern fashion is that we have so much to choose from! So I'm breaking out the red tights again and wearing them confidently into a sea of wide leg mom jeans and matching sweatsuit sets, perfectly confident in my unique yet outdated self! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2021

some kind of wonderful

Another entry in my ten years later project! And I actually still have the same dress that I wore in my post on April 8, 2011 ten years ago. I'm actually really surprised that this dress has stuck around this long because I've always hated the shoulders on it. They're real bunchy and make my shoulders look bigger than they are. It's SO pretty, with the giant sleeves and lace trim, and the fabric is a nice thick weave that hangs beautifully. But almost every time I put it on I end up changing because of those big shoulder pleats lol!

I really think at this point though that most of my wardrobe is here to stay. I used to do closet sales a few times a year and then I'd inevitably end up regretting selling 90% of the things I got rid of. I'm actually embarrassed to admit how many dresses I sold and then repurchased on poshmark years later! Honestly I know for a fact that if I let go of this dress because of the pleats I'd end up desperately searching for it again within the next six months LOL!