Friday, October 14, 2016

posh frock friday

I might have to start turning this into a bi-weekly feature because it has occurred to me that I don't think I own enough fancy dresses to do a posh frock friday every single week (although, this could be an excuse to buy more posh frocks, lol!)

My collection is actually decreasing quite a bit soon, because I'm going to be doing a vintage sale with Whurl. If you're not familiar with Whurl, it's a shopping app where you can post photos of things that you're searching for and vintage sellers will respond with items that match your search. It's also a shopping marketplace where sellers can list vintage items for sale. In the next week or two I'll be listing a sizeable chunk of my vintage collection on the app -- LOTS of dresses and a few tops. It's not all in my size, so if that's been an issue for you when I do closet sales in the past, definitely check this out. I've always had a habit of buying vintage dresses no matter what size they are, just because they're pretty, lol.

If you're interested, be sure to download the app! And I'll obviously be doing another post before the sale goes live so you'll get a heads up :)

Don't forget if you're participating in posh frock friday, use the hashtag #poshfrockfridays on IG so everyone can see your pretty outfit! xo

dress- vintage | bodysuit - boohoo (old)
shoes - daisy street | purple rug - amazon