Wednesday, September 21, 2016

hello again

Long time no see! I hate that I've turned into one of those bloggers who just randomly pops up every month or so and then disappears again. I honestly don't think enough of myself to believe anybody out there cares, but there are a few blogs that I personally love and I'm so bummed when I check back and week after week there still haven't been any new updates. I mean, I still owe Scathingly Brilliant a few posts about Rome. I have blogged about the most mind-numbing mundane stuff here but I couldn't bring myself to write a few lines about ROME? Geez, Kate.

Anyway. Life has been good. I took my Grandmom on a cruise to Alaska for her 80th birthday (we just got back Friday night) and that was pretty spectacular. I watched Stranger Things (completely, 100% understand the hype. If you're a fellow X-Files fan I think you should give it a try!) and I'm hopelessly addicted to watching Justified re-runs on Amazon. Also (god knows I really hate self promotion, but god also knows I kind of need money) I added a TON (like over 30) lapel pins to my shop this month so if that floats your boat you can check them out here.