Thursday, March 24, 2016

room tour: my movie theater

I was promising a room tour back when I quit blogging in 2014 and I still haven't gotten around to it since I un-quit last summer. Sorry about that!

I thought I would start out with my favorite feature in my room. It's a new addition, and I'm so in love with it I could burst! I installed a 120" roll-up projection screen over my closet. The closet wall faces my bed, so I can sit in bed at night and watch my favorite movies on a giant movie screen! And in the morning, I just roll up the screen and it essentially disappears.

I don't even have words to describe how much I love this! I've had a projector for a few years, but until last month I was projecting onto the ceiling. I know, that sounds really cool actually -- and it was at first! But after a while it's not actually that comfortable and not at all conducive to eating popcorn, haha!

If you are someone who really loves movies, I think this is a really worthwhile investment. It was so much cheaper than buying a tv (the screen and projector combined cost less than the 42" tv I owned before this) it's not as much of an eye-sore as a tv usually is, and the experience is basically like being in a movie theater but also being in your own bed at the same time. It's obviously not the same picture quality as a plasma hdtv whatever, but considering the fact that I mainly watch older films that weren't produced with that kind of technology to begin with, it doesn't make a difference to me.

This is my little projector that I have installed above my headboard. My projector isn't available anymore (which is really sad because it's tiny, quiet, and came with roku built in!) but I think most mini projectors would work the same. I'm obviously not a fan of the black cords, but I think it's a fair trade considering I don't have a giant ugly black tv in my room, right? lol

And that's it for my little mini-movie-theater tour! I also posted a photo of the projector in use (with Arrietty in the foreground, naturally) right here :) And it probably goes without saying, but if you get/have a projection screen I'd recommend watching Purple Noon on it. Watch it, and then you can thank me later ;)

Now I just need to find some good black-out curtains so I can watch movies before 8pm!

Sources for everything: projector / screen / most of my shoes / projector mount / cat bag/ my dress is vintage / bedding is vintage / scalloped rug was from UO aaaages ago