Wednesday, September 2, 2015

beachy keen

I'm still getting the hang of using my camera (these all came out way too bright and you could see me holding the remote in almost every photo) but I still think they're 100% better than the iphone pictures I was taking before.

I went to the beach for dinner last night and decided to wear two of the beachiest items in my closet. I got this dress on clearance from modcloth a couple years ago and I still think it's one of the most clever pieces of clothing I own. I don't know if you can tell too much from my pictures but the yellow half of the dress is a photo print of people lounging on a beach and the blue half is ocean, with a few people swimming in it. I like that it's kind of subtle and abstract from a distance (not just like an all-over novelty print of fish or something, although I'd obviously also be into that too.) And then there's my shell bag! It holds practically nothing, but for dinner down the shore what more do you need than a credit card and cell phone?

dress - modcloth | bag - asos (similar) | shoes - bait footwear