Friday, August 28, 2015

try, try again

First of all, progress on my hair is moving slowly but surely towards pink. It's more pink than orange right now but I swear in person it looks like I colored my head with a highlighter. Holy neon, Batman!

Second, please note how sharp and non-pixelated my images look. Observe how the colors are vibrant and the exposure isn't too dark. Is it magic??? No! I'm just finally using my DSLR! Yay! I've had this camera since 2013 and I never. ever. use it. I mean for anything, except like maybe 15 pictures of my cats over the last two years. The lens that I have crops everything way too close, so my iphone always seemed like a better option. I was telling my brother about this issue and he let me borrow his wide-angle lens. SO MUCH BETTER!! I bought my own (this is the one I purchased) and I think I'll be using my camera a lot more now. When I set up my tripod on one side of my room, the lens was able to capture the entire opposite side of the room - including carpet and ceiling. I'm so happy about it!

Lastly, you might have already heard about this but I was looking on Refinery29 last week and they had an article about a new website called Try. It's a service that lets you order up to five items from a store for free, try them on, and then only pay for the items you're keeping. It works with ASOS, which is a lifesaver for me since I can be a 6, 8 or 10 depending on the item. I can't even count how many times I order something in two sizes from them and then wait like 3 weeks to get the money back on the size I returned. Especially shoes, since they seem to decide at random whether a US7 is a UK5 or a UK4. It's seriously hit or miss, so I end up ordering a US8 and a US7 every time I get shoes.

Btw, this isn't sponsored, I just really love the whole idea. I don't have enough money to always pay for multiple sizes of everything so I pass up on a lot of things I might have really loved. It's also helpful (for me at least) with dresses where I look at them skeptically thinking, "will that actually fit over my hips??" Now I can find out without paying first :) I was able to sign up via Refinery29, since they have an invite link in their article here.

Anyway. I signed up, I ordered three dresses and this romper, and I only kept this. I'm really smitten with rompers that can pass for dresses (although on this one the pattern being cut-off on the inseam makes it kind of obvious that it's shorts)

romper - asos | shoes - I don't remember | belt - asos