Wednesday, January 29, 2014

my five favorite coats

I (obviously) prefer to take outfit photos in the climate-controlled comfort of my own home rather than braving the elements outside. The only downside (besides having the same background in almost every picture, though that doesn't bother me as much as I wonder if it bothers other people) is that I never get to show off any of my coats.

These five are my super duper favorites:

I got this one last year from Dorothy Perkins (unfortunately it's sold out now) I bought 2 sizes intending to send back the one that didn't fit, but they're both so close -- one fits perfectly with light layers and one fits perfectly with bulky sweaters -- that I kept both. When you find THE perfect pink coat you make irrational decisions like keeping two of the same item, it just happens.

This coat has cat pockets, what more can I say?! I got it two years ago from Vivetta during a sale as a birthday present to myself. It's hands down one of my favorite purchases I've ever made. It's obviously cute but it's also a pretty substantial winter coat, which is coming in handy during this ungodly cold winter.

A girl can never have too many light pink coats ;) This one is perfect for fall or early spring since it has 3/4 sleeves but it's still pretty warm. Not in this particular outfit but the coat makes me feel a bit Doris Day-ish, it just has that crisp, clean look in person. It's from oasap (also sold out, boo!)

When I first got this one I didn't like it and actually put it in my shop my closet store. It sat there for a really long time and one day I decided to try it on again, fell in love and promptly removed it from the shop. And now (obviously, since it's in this list!) it's one of my favorites! It's another one that's surprisingly warm for how cute it is (usually cute things seem to be totally non-functional, don't they?!) It's from asos a few years ago. It originally had hideous buttons and I replaced them with big plastic daisies (DIY post here!)

I fluctuate between wanting to dress cute and wanting to dress kind of dramatic. In my dramatic spurts I tend to order hats with very large brims, sunglasses with enormous lenses, and lots of faux fur. During one such spurt recently I snatched up this coat on clearance at Nasty Gal (actually still available AND still on clearance, here) Granted the dramatic accessories never actually make me look dramatic but they definitely make me feel it ;)

tights - target | shoes - modcloth | wig - minty mix | dress - h&m