Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY 3D embellished dress

I love the way 3D floral embellishments look on dresses, but they're always a little too pricey, so I decided to DIY it! This project is really, really easy but a little time intensive. I worked on it over 5 days and went through about 9 episodes of The Office while I worked. It's a great project to relax and pass some time :)

You'll need: A lace dress (I picked one that I didn't mind tinkering with, but the flowers are actually removable so if you don't like the way it turns out you can always take them off), fake flowers, beads that are larger than the holes at the center of the flowers, embroidery floss and a needle.

1. Gather your materials. Pop the flowers off of their stems and remove the little plastic connector piece, so all you should have left is the fabric piece. 2. Thread a piece of embroidery floss and knot the end. Bring the needle from the back of the dress through to the front, and through the hole in the center of the flowers. Then thread the bead onto the needle and stick the needle back through the hole to the back of the dress. 3. Knot the thread and continue until you've covered the dress with flowers. I decided to totally cover the bodice and then have some trickle down onto the skirt, but I think it would look really cool with the whole dress covered, too!

I know I'm not super great at writing out instructions so here's a quick little video that should help! :)