good mood week

Despite the fact that, by all accounts, I was a very happy child, I've somehow become a very bitter adult. It's not that I want to be crabby all the time, but I let circumstances overwhelm me and somehow wake up every single day on the wrong side of the bed.

Even on days when I wake up feeling refreshed, turn and look at my sweet little cat sleeping in her cat bed beside me, take a sip of the grapefruit juice I had left for myself in the morning and listen to birds chirping outside my window... something always happens to ruin the cheer. Whether it's stepping in a present left by my other cat (presents left by cats are not good things, just in case you don't have one and were wondering), checking my email and finding a complaint from a customer or going downstairs to find that the jar for the Nutella I had my heart set on for breakfast is empty -- something happens every morning to make me think "great, another bad start to another bad day."

Last night before I went to bed, I was completing a major printing project. I have to print 300 flapper doodle cards for an event, and my printer decided after the 20th or so card that it didn't like feeding my paper anymore, so I've had to manually feed each piece. I finished all 300 fronts and got through about 100 insides before my printer gave me this lovely notice:

Considering the fact that I'm practically broke, all I could think of was that my ink would run out before the project was completed & I'd have to run to Staples and spend my last few dollars on ink. I was pretty miserable.

I immediately thought -- (this sentiment is absolutely dripping with sarcasm) -- "this week is going to be just dandy."

But instead of preparing myself for yet another lousy week, I decided that this week was going to be different. I'm going to try to be in a good mood, and not let the little things get me down. It's been tough so far this morning, already. I woke up feeling really crappy, my nose was stuffy all night so I slept awful. (Oh, did I mention that I absolutely detest this time of year *cough* hay fever *cough*) I came online and saw that I had no orders again (I've been having a major dry spell for a week and a half), and someone made something that I had said I was going to make on one of my blogs two weeks ago. Then I turned my head away from my laptop and noticed the ink light blinking on my printer.

It's going to be really tough. For the past few years I've been in a chronic bad mood, and I'm used to it. The world seems to conspire to make my days as trying as possible. But for one week, I'm going to see if I can get through it all without adding any gray hairs or wrinkles to my poor little 23 year old head.

Be back later, I think I see a rainbow outside...