Friday, March 26, 2010


I started liking Frank Sinatra's music a little over ten years ago. My parents are fans of alternative - goth - punk rock music, so this was a huge departure from the kind of music I was brought up on, and my little brother thought it was extremely dorky of me to like something so (his words, not mine) old and corny. Well... after a whole DECADE of trying to convert him, I've finally done it! His ipod is finally sprinkled with Sinatra gems, and tonight we spent about two hours going through my extensive itunes collection to find him new favorites. It was seriously one of the happiest moments of my life.

As for my parents, my dad's still not sold but my mom has been known to sneak some Sinatra and Nancy Wilson onto her mix cds every now and then ;-D

While going through my collection I stumbled upon Cycles.. it was always been one of my favorite albums, even though it's usually overlooked when people talk about Sinatra's great albums. My favorite songs from the playlist are Both Sides Now and the title song, Cycles. It has such a sweet, soft sadness and sense of resilience.

So I'm down and so I'm out, but so are many others
So I feel like tryin' to hide my head 'neath these covers
Life is like the seasons after winter comes the spring
So I'll keep this smile awhile, and see what tomorrow brings
I've been told and I believe that life is meant for livin'
And even when my chips are low, there's still some left for givin'
I've been many places maybe not as far as you
So I think I'll stay awhile, and see if some dreams come true
There isn't much that I have learned through all my foolish years
Except that life keeps runnin' in cycles, first there's laughter, then those tears
But I'll keep my head up high although I'm kinda tired
My gal just up and left last week, Friday I got fired
You know it's almost funny, but things can't get worse than now
So I'll keep on tryin' to sing, but please, just don't ask me how