Monday, May 10, 2021

bittersweet memories

Here is my latest entry in my ten years later series. I'm a day late in posting this, but I took this picture yesterday on May 9, 2021 and it's an almost exact replica of the outfit I was wearing on May 9, 2011. You can view the original outfit post here. It's the same lace dress and same belt, I just had to wear a different black dress underneath (the one in my original outfit was sold in a closet sale ages ago) and I'm pretty sure I still own the Blowfish sandals I had on in 2011 but I couldn't find them anywhere so I went with these espadrilles instead! Honestly I think this might only be the second time I've ever worn this lace dress! I usually have used it as a decor piece, hanging up in my bedroom or closet on the wall or in front of a window. But I really do love the way it looks on me so I should break it out more often.

Reading my post from 2011 was really bittersweet today since I was talking about celebrating Mother's Day with my Great Aunt Annie and my Grandmom. My Aunt Annie passed away a couple years after I wrote the post, and my Grandmom just passed away right before Christmas of last year. So this was our first Mother's Day with only our little nuclear family of me, my brother, and my parents. My mom was having a hard time with the idea of actually celebrating the holiday with her mom gone, so we just had a quiet day at home and nobody really mentioned what day it was. Me and my mom binge watched some videos from our favorite youtube channel (AllEars) and then we all watched The 39 Steps together before dinner. 

I'm so glad that I started blogging when I did though, because in my 2011 post I wrote about something that happened at dinner on that Mother's Day and I don't think I'd remember it if I hadn't written it down back then. Today was tinged with a lot of sadness, but looking at my old post helped me relive some fond memories and I'm so grateful for that.