shop my closet preview

I don't think anyone is anxious for my next travel post, but just in case -- it is coming this week, I've just been so busy playing catch-up since I got back! I'm going to write about the rest of my vacation this week though, promise! If anything, I want to document it just so I can come back and revisit it myself years from now :)

But on to the subject of THIS post -- a shop my closet sale! I have a new (and more massive than ever, I think) sale coming up this Friday (August 19th) on my instagram @scathinglybrilliantcloset. I'm not sure of the exact time yet, but I'll definitely let you know beforehand. Keep in mind that if you want to make sure you catch the sale this time you should refresh my instagram profile, and not your feed, since instagram's new algorithm might prevent my posts from showing up at the top of your feed.

Here's a little preview of some of the items that I'll be selling, including the Emily & Fin Too Much Fun dress pictured above!

I couldn't find any photos of me wearing this yellow dress as a regular dress, but here it is in an outfit post where I was trying to channel The Office's Andy Bernard.

I've been holding onto this one pretty desperately because the colors are so unique and I love the way the strip of orange looks at the bottom but... when you need money you need money :\ I hope this one finds a good home!

UGHHH worst outfit photo ever (my hair! and what is this pose?!) but this green dress will be part of the sale.

Another one that's difficult to part with -- me and my mom spent some time debating whether this is navy-on-cream or black-on-cream but either way it's absolutely beautiful.

Vintage yellow/white striped dress with a scalloped neckline. I shortened the hem on this one and removed the taffeta skirt lining.

Whoa, remember when I used to take my outfit photos using the webcam on my computer? Also... I kind of want to dye my hair this color again.

But I digress. This pretty peter pan collar dress will be part of the sale.

From my "first (and only) annual" Clarissa Explains It All Week. This denim & floral dress from H&M will be part of the sale.

I think this dress looks like sunlight reflected in water, it's so pretty! And it has a tie-detail on the back that doesn't interfere with wearing a normal bra... always a plus.

The little lace shrug shown here will be part of the sale.

It breaks my heart to part with this one, but I think the sheer bodice would work better for someone who is ... less well-endowed. It's just so unique & beautiful!

My little Hypatia! :')

This is a strapless dress covered in cat faces. You can actually see this one in motion since I featured it in a video of my three favorite dresses back in 2012, here. Still a favorite, but I don't wear it nearly enough to warrant keeping it.

This is a mint dress with red dots -- SO adorable! I'm wearing it here with a skirt, but the dress on its own is so unique.

This floral dress will be part of the sale. It got a lot of wear over the years (and I shortened the straps a bit) but it's still in great condition.

Another Emily & Fin Too Much Fun dress from Modcloth. I've always loved the color of this one.. you don't find periwinkle items too often.

This cute little cream dress with a beautiful pleated pattern and adorable little collar.

This black plaid dress will be part of the sale. (Can't think of anything more interesting to add)

If you'll please avert your eyes from the worst haircut I've ever had in my entire life, you'll notice a really beautiful galaxy print dress with a beautiful neckline.

Another one that's difficult to part with (I keep thinking "I can wear this to a picnic!" but then I never go on picnics) but so cute and unique!

This is the HARDEST one to part with. I can't figure out if I'd be sadder to see this sell or to have nobody interested in buying it... it's covered in intricate embroideries in all of my favorite colors. It's breathtakingly beautiful in person.

A lobster and polka dot novelty print dress! The collar is a detachable one that doesn't come with the dress, but trust me ... the dress is pretty darn cute on its own too.

This mint skirt with a tulle overlay will be part of the sale. Another one that's kind of tough to part with, but unfortunately my waist is currently EVER SO SLIGHTLY too big for it (It's 27" with no give)

This is a purple sleeveless shirtdress with pinstripes. It's such a perfect summery dress!

Oh god, another one that I can't believe I'm giving up. Even though ice cream print stuff isn't that rare anymore, I still think this is the cutest one I've ever seen. And I love the colors.

I'm parting with some of my vintage collection this time around, including this blue dress with embroidered daisies, a button placket on the front and a wide collar. The waist is just a little too low for me.

My favorite thing about this dress was that there are so many colors in it, it's really easy to match things to it and create a different outfit every time you wear it!

You can't really tell from here (I'll have a close-up of the print in the sale) but this dress is covered in bugs! When I was little my dad had a glow-in-the-dark shirt with a cockroach print, and I've been holding onto this for like 6 years just because it reminded me of that.

Last but not least -- my deer pillow! I'll be including a few housewares, purses, shoes, belts, sunglasses, etc. in this sale so even if you aren't my size (M/L or US 6/8/10) you might want to check it out for the non-clothing items :)