shop my closet preview

I've had a pile of shop-my-closet clothes just begging to be photographed + listed, sitting around in my room since NOVEMBER. Me and my brother started taking pictures last month but they didn't come out very good (why I'm obsessing over the photo quality when I'm selling most of my clothes for like 20% of what I paid for them, I have no idea) so I'm retaking the photos tomorrow with the intention of listing them on my instagram next Saturday (that's May 28.) I have A LOT of stuff, I'm going to break it up into a few sales, with the first one being all dresses. They're pretty much all a size medium or US8 (and then a few small, large, US6 or US10 because standardized sizing is a myth) and I will be shipping internationally.

If you're interested just follow my closet account on instagram at @scathinglybrilliantcloset.

And now here's a small preview of some of the items that I'll be selling next week! All of the dresses pictured here will be available, and the coat below will be part of the next sale, consisting of ALL COATS.