advertise in october?

...or just look at this pretty picture of Arrietty (or both!)

I have three sizes available on my sponsorship page here. I'm currently using Passionfruit ads which means you can purchase an ad directly on my blog without back-and-forth emailing and paypal invoices, etc. The large ads run for 60 days. The small and x-large ads run for 30 days. All three sizes are currently available. If you're interested in purchasing a spot or viewing rates, statistics, etc. you can view all of that over here.

I don't normally do these kinds of posts anymore (I always feel so awkward doing them!) but I have big plans for my blog over the next few months and thought it was about time I did a teensy bit of promotion :) I can't wait to start sharing all kinds of home-related projects when I move into my apartment (I get the keys one week from today! eek!) and I'm already planning oodles of holiday posts, too! yay!