friday favorites

This has to be the best toothbrush holder ever! Also, I think this is the second time I've featured a toothbrush holder in my friday favorites and I've only done like 5 of these so far. Weird!

I LOVE this post from Making Nice in the Midwest. Mandi colorized Mary Tyler Moore in screenshots of The Dick Van Dyke show to demonstrate Laura Petrie's amazing style, and the results are frame-worthy. (ps. I love The Dick Van Dyke show but I can't watch it without thinking of the Arcadia episode of The X-Files from Season 6. "Petrie, like the dish")

Finally a swiss army knife that I would actually find useful! ;D I constantly misplace all of my various USB cords so this USB utility tool would definitely come in handy.

Mint colored cat shoes. 'Nuff said.

I am obsessed with all of the details from Danielle's Office finale party! I wish I could go back in time and attend it myself. Also now I want to have a mini gallery wall in my room with all of the photos in the first picture.

I love this embroidery of Tobias! Is anyone else looking forward to the new Arrested Development season this weekend?! I can't wait!

I love the way Jo organized her sunglasses collection! It's so pretty!

I am so smitten with these shoes! I saw asos has a 20% off coupon code right now (TAKE20) so I might snatch them up in both colors. I've been trying to be more restrained with shoe purchases lately after I kind of went overboard last year, but I think these would definitely become wardrobe staples.

I need this necklace because it reminds me of David Wallace.

I love these shoes from asos, but I love this DIY dyed version from Chiaki Creates even more!

Is this not the most heart-meltingly-cute thing ever? When I get a car I'm doing this.